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Insights into our work

How can EU agricultural support under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) be better implemented and made future-proof so that farms can make a worthwhile and effective contribution to conserving biodiversity in the agricultural landscape?

This is what we are researching and working on. In the "CAP4GI Insights", our researchers and practice partners offer enjoyable insights into their current work and some of their initial results.

CAP4GI Insights
(in German only)

CAP4GI Insights 01/2024

Work package 1: Exchange platforms

Where the shoe pinches: What prevents farmers from implementing more measures to preserve biodiversity?

Titelblatt mit vielfältiger Agrarlandschaft

CAP4GI Insights 08/2023

Work packages 2 and 3: Socio-economic analysis
Understanding farmers' decisions and preferences

Title page CAP4GI-Einblicke 08/23 AP2 und 3

Work Package 4: ABM
How do alternative approaches to funding environmental measures change the landscape? Insights into a socio-economic model

title page CAP4GI-Einsichten 08/23 AP4

Work Package 5:
How does nature react? A computer model as a decision-making aid for nature-friendly agriculture

title page CAP4GI-Einsichten AP5