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Thuringian farmers work on solutions

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22. 11. 2023 - In search of solutions: The second round of regional platform meetings with farmers in the three project regions Eichsfeld, Thuringian Basin and Eastern Thuringian Red Sandstone Region took place in Thuringia from 13-15 November. The events were organised by the Natura 2000-Station Unstrut-Hainich/Eichsfeld ( managed by Wildtierland Hainich gGmbH). Constructive discussions led to numerous suggestions for improving the CAP, despite the fact that participants were unable to attend due to illness.

In the the first round of platform meetings, the challenges faced by farmers with existing environmental support programmes were discussed. This time the focus was on possible solutions. The starting point was the question of which instruments and measures farmers believe are most suitable for achieving environmental goals - such as more biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. The difficulties with the existing support programmes also came to the fore once again. Possible alternatives that emerged included a preference for contract-based nature conservation and innovative support methods, particularly the proposals for a common welfare premium.

In a different part of the programme, existing support measures for arable land and grassland were analysed and modified so that they are more attractive for farms, i.e. in particular more economically viable. 

At the end of the events, Lea Kolb, project staff member at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)/German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), discussed with the farmers their experiences of planting and maintaining hedges. This real-life data is to be incorporated into her computer model, which can be used to simulate the impact of the CAP on the landscape.

A detailed evaluation of the meetings will now follow. It is planned to present the results to representatives of the authorities at one of the upcoming platform events and to continue developing the solutions together.