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Grafik mit Schmetterlingen und Blumen

Master's thesis investigates the influence of structural diversity and agricultural intensity on biodiversity

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May 24, 2024 - Which factors influence the occurrence of butterflies and plants on agricultural and agriculturally influenced areas? Lea Kahoun investigated this question in her master's thesis, which was supervised by Guy Pe'er (UFZ/iDiv) as part of CAP4GI.

To answer the question, the Master's student collected data in the three project regions in Thuringia (Eichsfeld, Thuringian Basin, Jena area / eastern Thuringian red sandstone region) on a total of 52 areas: she carried out a butterfly count and a vegetation survey. 

The study revealed that one of the key factors for species diversity is the structural richness of the landscape. Near-natural habitats in particular create important structural elements for butterflies in agricultural landscapes. Fallow land and forest edges are particularly important in this respect. 

Please find here a short and colorful summary of the Master's thesis (in German).